What is it?

NirVisio is a novel imaging system which allows dentists to create an instant 3D image of patients’ teeth.

Specifically, it allows dentists to see decay at its earliest stages and helps dentists to heal that decay and optimise treatment without harmful radiation like conventional X-Rays

What makes it different?

  • NirVisio is non-invasive and uses harmless infra-red waves to create the image rather than conventional X-Rays.
  • It requires no special regulatory compliance.
  • It uses off the shelf components.
  • It can be deployed by any member of the dental team – not just dentists.

The NirVisio Image System

3D On Screen IMAGE

  • Small Portable Self Contained Unit
  • No Damaging Radiation (X-rays)
  • Easy Access to Previous Scans  

Hand Held Scanner

  • Small easy to use hand held scanner
  • Disposable heads for quick efficient changes between patients
  • Multiple source of revenue via Disposables  

Simple Software that Allows: